State Tax refund and Identity Thieves

It is refund time and identity thieves are busy stealing tax payers data,  filing bogus tax returns and receiving billions in tax refunds from the tax authorities . Since 2012 the IRS has implemented additional safeguards that have reduced such thefts . However, at the State level, it is a major problem as most States haven’t invested  in anti fraud technologies to reduce such threats .  What can be done to fight against such threats ?  HIPAA like law needs to be created across all industries to protect personal identifiable information . Panseh Tsewole notes the  thieves usually got the personal identifiable information from health care entities such as doctor’s offices . However , with HIPAA such entities are no longer the gold germ . Thus , they go  after low hanging fruits . Easy targets .  The ideal targets include county or city utilities with less than robust security defenses .  Some work with comprised employees at various entities that steal and pass on to the identity thieves the PII data .  Panseh Tsewole believes  a law requiring all PII data to be protected at all times would be a place to start . At rest, in transit and while being processed . For all industries not just banking , finance or health care .  Panseh Tsewole’s conclusion is for us consumers to use extreme care . Guard our social security numbers and never give them  to an entity over the phone .